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About Our Mission

Making a decision to enter a sober living environment is very
difficult and we applaud the individual who is making this critical

The management of TreatmentWorks, Inc. understands that each
person is a unique individual, an individual who will respond to
assistance in different ways. Recognizing this, we have
incorporated a unique structure that will accommodate the needs
of most people.

Our goal at TreatmentWorks, Inc. is to introduce our residents to an
effective way of addressing the problems encountered in early
sobriety. TreatmentWorks, Inc. is designed as a home-like
environment, which supports each individual in developing his own
personalized program integrating the 12-step process into
everyday life.

Our staff consists of knowledgeable individuals that are well
experienced in the recovery process, and possess first-hand
knowledge of the tools most effective in early sobriety situations.

We are looking forward to providing a high quality, sober living
environment where individuals can effectively learn the process
necessary to transition into a productive sober lifestyle.
Jack Smith

Program Supervisor
Tim Finnerty, LICDC, ICCS

Program Director
Ken Parks

Program Coordinator
Melissa Williamson - CDCA

Advisory Board
Jeffery Bean
Kevin Koelliker
David Moughan
Hon. James J. Sweeney

Board Of Trustees
Joseph A., McIntyre LICDC SAP ICADC
(Chairman Emeritus)
Fr. Tom O'Donnell
Hon. Shannon M. Gallagher
Doug Musgrave
Tim McCarthy
Dan Nelson