You don't have to live like this anymore...

If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, please be reassured
that we at TreatmentWorks have felt the same way at one time or
another.  Become a part of our sober living community and learn
now to LIVE SOBER...not just put down the substance.

You can stop by our facility between 10 am and 12 pm
Monday through Friday to begin the intake process.  If you cannot
personally visit during regular hours, please call 216.862.5014 to
schedule an appointment.

If you are a friend, loved one, care giver, or legal counsel to
someone in need, you may download our
Preadmission form,
have the man in need complete the information and return it to us
via fax at 216-862-5143 or by email to

As long as we have breath...
                     We have hope.
Please call today.  216.862.5014
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